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Bikram Yoga Miami Beach says "No Reason to Use Anything Else!" PDF Print E-mail

Bikram Yoga Miami Beach gives praise to PEM Yoga Flooring, says

"Do it Right! There's no reason to use anything else!"

Dear Yoga Flooring,

The PEM Yoga Flooring is more than flooring. It is without question a 21st century functional enhancement to any facility where Bikram yoga is practiced or any yoga for that matter. With a full year of usage at the current/new Miami Beach BYCOI, it has proven to be what I expected and more.

The price is no more than what you would pay for average quality carpeting, and installation is simpler and therefore less costly. I installed it myself at my school. Typically with flooring in a BYCOI facility, one might expect a a functional life of 3-5 years, perhaps more, before degradation (depending on usage and other variables). From what I have seen after a year of use and learned about the material, I expect it will be at least 7- 10 years, perhaps longer before I will need to look at replacement. It is better than flotex and any other high grade flooring material. I had flotex at my old facility.
While flotex and other high grade and commercial grade carpeting material may often be durable and easy to clean, they are far too expensive.

Furthermore, many of these materials are too hard. PEM is the perfect combination of softness and firmness for yoga, whether a mat and towel are laid on top, or just a towel.

The comments that I have received from students and instructors alike regarding the flooring have been nothing but positive.

The material breathes well and does not hold moisture. Bacteria, odors, germs, etc. will not grow on Yoga Flooring. It is very easy to clean. Regular vacuuming and occasional steam cleaning are needed much less frequently than with carpeting and keep the flooring as fresh as when it was new.

The material is non-allergenic and is the same as that used in yoga mats.

One of the unexpected benefits is the thermal properties of the material. This is subtle and not easily appreciated by everyone. As the room heats up, our yoga studio floor actually radiates heat up like hot coals. This facilitates even heating of the entire room at the floor level, 6' up and at every height in your room. This can save you money on your heat bills, especially as your class schedule builds.

If you are thinking about this material, don't take my word for it. Come see for yourself in Miami Beach and take a class on it. I like the material so much that I've taken some of the excess pieces to my home to practice on. I plan on ordering another batch of Yoga Flooring with the next school I build in State College, PA.

In addition to being a rocket scientist by trade, I have also refurbished, renovated, and restored a number of commercial and residential properties in the last 7 years. I gained a lot of experience and knowledge in construction costs and materials that I was able to bring to the construction of the current facility. More importantly I brought in specialists and experts including PEM who know and understand the unique needs and problems faced in construction of a BYCOI facility. If you are going to build a school, or just need to replace your flooring, do it right. With the pricing and the value of PEM Yoga Flooring, there is no reason to use anything else.

If you are going to build a school, or just need to replace your flooring, do it right. With the pricing and the value of PEM Yoga Flooring, there is no reason to use anything else.

Best regards,

Brian Gwynn
Certified Bikram Yoga Teacher

Director of Bikram Yoga Miami Beach


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