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Kali Yuga Yoga is thrilled to have found Yoga Flooring

Kali Yuga Yoga in Nashville, TN says: "PEM Yoga Flooring is fantastic!"

PEM Yoga Flooring is fantastic! Students love it, I love it its perfect for all the many styles of yoga we offer at our studio. The firm but giving nature supports the most challenging of balances, but is yielding enough for headstands. Plus, its an easy, safe and sanitary solution for our hot yoga class needs.  And add in the fact that it is aesthetically pleasing and you have one superb product. The installation was simple and straight forward and customer service couldn't be better. I am thrilled to have found PEM Yoga Flooring!"

-Leah Lillios
Owner/ Director
Kali Yuga Yoga
Nashville, TN








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