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VegasHOT Chooses Yoga Flooring PDF Print E-mail


VegasHOT (formerly Bikram Yoga Las Vegas) opens on a sure footing by choosing PEM Yoga Flooring! 


This all new 6,700 Square Foot studio is a masterpiece in motion.  Teacher and studio owner King Rollins is now offering Hot Yoga classes starting every hour on the hour from 6:00 am to 12:00 midnight at his ultra modern hot yoga studio just minutes from the Las Vegas Strip!  With roomy bathrooms, plenty of showers, a upgraded comfortable waiting room, and a state of the art computer system allowing students to check in in seconds using an electronic keycard system, the new VegasHOT! studio has the very best of the best to offer their students.  King Rollins chose Yoga Flooring over carpet and other options out of his commitment to providing the very best and safe environment for his students.  Congratulations to King Rollins for his great contribution to the yogis and yoginis of Las Vegas!  Be sure to check out the new VegasHOT! Yoga Studio: 





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