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Bikram Yoga Louisville Metro / Hot Spot Yoga switches to Yoga Flooring

After 7 years of hot yoga on carpet, Hot Spot Yoga made the switch to our eco-friendly hypo-allergenic flooring for yoga studios.  As the only authorized and Pure Bikram Yoga studio in the Louisville area, Director Kristin Olsen’s commitment is to provide the highest quality hot yoga and authentic Bikram experience for her students.  Now with Yoga Flooring instead of carpet, students can enjoy a more healthy and comfortable environment, giving Hot Spot Yoga a clear advantage over competing studios. 

When asked why she made the switch to Yoga Flooring, here’s what Kristin had to say:

“I've been a Bikram studio owner for 8 years. With an average of 25+ hours teaching and practicing in the hot room each week, my studio environment is crucial for my students and my own peace of mind. The look and feel is "clean"...eco friendly, and no off-gassing. A fresh environment for Bikram yogis is exactly what the Bikram torture chamber needs to keep the practice the number one therapeutic, total body workout in the world. I love it!!!” ~ Kristin Olsen, Hot Spot Yoga


We are happy to support Hot Spot Yoga in offering “Pure Bikram” to their students by contributing to a pure healthy environment thanks to Yoga Flooring.

Hot Spot Yoga exclusively offers classes in the Bikram Yoga series, consisting of 26 hatha yoga postures in 90 minutes of 105 degree heart-pumping kick-your-ass yoga.  
Hot Spot Yoga LLC – Bikram Yoga Louisville Metro
Kristin Olsen, Director
6427 West Hwy 146
Suites 8 & 9
Crestwood, KY 40014
502.243-U HOT (8468)
Visit Hot Spot Yoga online at http://www.hotspotyoga.com

Got smelly carpets?  Our clients don’t.  Request your sample of Yoga Flooring today!


Bikram Yoga Louisville 

Bikram Yoga Louisville  Bikram Yoga Louisville

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