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Dear Yoga Flooring,

I am writing to tell you that I absolutely LOVE the P.E.M. Yoga Flooring! I was a little nervous at first because I had never seen it in a Yoga studio before, but the truth is I never was introduced to an acceptable flooring option either. . .

I wanted to provide the best for my students, and I was always concerned about the smell, bacteria and cleanliness of carpet, and the slip issue and safety of hardwood flooring.

When I saw the Yoga Flooring installed in my studio for the first time, I was so happy. It looks absolutely beautiful! My students love it; they think it's cool. And, they love coming here knowing that I cared enough about them to provide them with the safest, most comfortable environment possible. They know that they are in a serious yoga studio when they walk into the yoga room - they've never seen anything like it. Also, several students have commented about how they can breathe so well here, compared to other yoga studios they've been to that have carpet. After 15 months now, the room smells just as fresh as the day it was installed, and cleanup is simple - it's like vacuuming a rug. Thank you for all your help in making sure it was installed properly, and for turning me on to such phenomenal investment for my studio!


Wendy Gross
Certified Bikram Instructor
The Yoga And Healing Center, Scotch Plains, NJ.


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